Forged from the fiery depths of mount fashionata, the Ooh La Lah brand emerged to be the future of affordable fashion. Built upon the foundations of the hottest trends, unbeatable service and a passion for everything that we do, the Ooh La Lah team ventured through the fashioniverse to bring you a unique and exciting shopping experience.

All jokes aside and above all else, we are driven to become the go to name in affordable every day fashion for women aged 18 to 32. Our team spend their days with their fingers on the fashion pulse, working hard to give you the biggest trends, before anyone else. We love to engage with our customers and are big advocates of social media, focussing on giving our girls a friend in fashion, not just a shop to buy from.

Ooh La Lah has hit the catwalk in June 2016 and we’re here to make our mark! Our goal in our first year is to shake up the world of affordable fashion and to give our customers an exciting new shopping experience.



From the personal shopper tool on our website to the unique idea of 5 friends, representing our fashion styles, we love to break the mould and push the boundaries of affordable women’s fashion. That’s why you won’t find us copying the big names. We’re trendsetters in fashion and in business.


We care because you care! Every day our team are driven by the passion that we hold for fashion and for giving our customers an unbeatable online shopping experience, every time that they visit our website. Our passions go far beyond just fashion, with big expectations and goals.


As fashion lovers ourselves, we’ve been there far too many times when other sites will sell us the perfect outfit and then send us an email the next day apologising that they’ve run out of what we’ve ordered. We hate dishonest selling just to try to grab our money. That’s why we only ever sell what we have in stock in our warehouse. We don’t want to trick you lovely ladies and leave you disappointed. We believe honesty is the best policy and we hope that you’ll appreciate that.